Sting, Musician Extraordinaire, Now Wedding Singer for Hire

by Monday, August 1, 2016

There is no doubt that Sting is one of the most successful music artists in history, critically and financially. With a personal fortune estimated at $300 million, Sting—born Gordon Sumner—is set for life. So why is Sting musician extraordinaire and bonafide legend and icon, singing at weddings for a paycheck?

Sting|Sting Musician Extraordinaire, Now Wedding Singer for Hire

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Sting, Musician Extraordinaire, Now Wedding Singer for Hire

Who Hired Sting, Legendary Musician As Wedding Singer?

In a report for The Daily Mail, Alison Boshoff talks about how Sting performed the other weekend at the wedding of Hillary Hecktman, who happens to be the daughter of Hilco Global CEO Jeffrey Hecktman. And it isn’t even the only event this year where he served as a wedding singer. He also jammed it up at the wedding of Said Gutseriev, son of Russian billionaire Mikhail Gutseriev in March.

Why would the great Sting, who could easily be one of the best male singers of all time, ever agree to become a wedding singer, and to perform alongside a group which calls itself the, uh, Libido Band Tropics Entertainment?

Oh yeah, the paycheck. According to Ms. Boshoff’s source, he was paid a cool one million pounds Sterling for getting jiggy with Ms. Hecktman’s wedding guests, plus all travel and band expenses. The Gutseriev gig wasn’t a cheap affair either, as it’s likely that he got approximately the same amount for that one.

So why did Sting, musician of few peers, accept the wedding singer gig?

While a million in any major currency is nothing to sneeze at, the idea of Sting musician extraordinaire playing at a wedding for money presents a shock to any music lover’s system. Wedding singers, after all, are generally punchlines for countless jokes. So again, the question: Why did Sting, illustrious musician and icon, accept gigs that are clearly beneath his own stature as an artist?

If the Daily Mail report is to be believed, it’s because Sting is having money troubles right now.

Sting posing|Sting, Musician Extraordinaire, Now Wedding Singer for Hire

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According to the report, Steerpike Limited, a company which has Sting as its major shareholder, is staring at a working capital deficiency of close to £43M in the face. That should be enough to give any shareholder sleepless nights.

There’s also the fact that Sting is no longer producing records that people actually buy. His last album, “The Last Ship”, didn’t do that well at the charts. In 2014, he also produced a Broadway musical with the same name, and its ticket sales weren’t hot either. The show closed in 2015.

Sting’s financial situation is probably why he has declared his kids won’t be inheriting his hundreds of millions—or whatever would be left of it. In the same interview, he admits that there really isn’t much left of his wealth.

Sting’s reported financial troubles is sad news, but if there’s one good thing you can take away from all this, it’s the fact that his fans will finally get the chance to have him perform “Fields of Gold” at their wedding. That is, if they have a million dollars or more to spare.

What do you think about Sting’s decision to become a wedding singer for hire? Sound off in the comments below!

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