10 Songs About America Perfect for the Fourth of July

by Sunday, July 3, 2016

Looking for the perfect playlist to amp up your patriotic spirit? Fret no more because we’ve compiled 10 of the best songs about America that’s absolutely perfect for the Fourth of July.

10 Songs About America Perfect for the Fourth of July

Listen To Awesome Musicians Sing Their Hearts Out In These All Time Best Songs About America

If it’s true that music is what feelings sound like, what better way to appreciate our independence than to listen to some of the most poignant hymns to ever be written about it? Here we listened and compiled 10 of the best patriotic songs about America. All you have to do is turn up the volume, fire up the grill, grab some beer, and enjoy.

1. Living in America by James Brown

This is a song that was included in the movie Rocky IV. It was featured in the scene where Apollo Creed was about to enter the ring. A lively ode to patriotism that will keep your spirits high.

2. If I Can Dream by Elvis Presley

A song that was consequently written after Martin Luther King Jr. and Bobby Kennedy were killed. It speaks of unity and of building a better nation. Having Elvis Presley, one of the most famous musicians, to interpret the song made it even more remarkable.

3. The Declaration by 5th Dimension

This song is a soulful and outright tribute to The Declaration of Independence. Its words are primarily taken from the declaration itself.

4. American Pie by Don McLean

This is one of the most iconic songs about America with its catchy melody and poetic rhyming words. The lyrics give glimpses to America’s culture, especially in the post World War II era.

5. Where Were You (When the World Stopped Turning) by Alan Jackson

Where Were You (When The World Stopped Turning) | 10 Songs About America Perfect for the Fourth of July

Image via God Tube

When the World Stopped Turning is one of the most controversial songs released after the 9/11. The questions in the lyrics reflect the heartbreak felt due to the tragic incident and the war on terrorism.

6. God Bless the USA by Lee Greenwood

Arguably one of the most patriotic songs about America, God Bless the USA was even played by radio stations in 1991 to rekindle the nation’s dwindling patriotism.

7. Only in America

Only in America describes the lives of common Americans like all of us. The lyrics speak of how you can dream as big as you want in this country. TRIVIA: It was used by former president George W. Bush as a campaign song in 2004.

8. American Soldier by Toby Keith

If there’s a perfect way to honor our troops, it’s with this song. A line from the song goes, “I don’t wanna die for you. But if dying’s asked of me, I’ll bear that cross with honor. ‘Cause freedom don’t come free.”

9. God Bless America by Kate Smith

To this day, God Bless America still holds the title of being the most notable song about America ever written. It is a prayer for God to bless the land, and expresses ones love for the country.

10. Star Spangled Banner

Star Spangled Banner | 10 Songs About America Perfect for the Fourth of July

Image via NYPL

A Fourth of July playlist will not be complete without this song. The lyrics were written by Francis Scott Key during The War of 1812. But it was in 1931 that it was officially made the national anthem of America. Listen to Whitney Houston’s moving performance and you’ll surely get goose bumps all over.

After listening to these patriotic songs about America, it’s time to make your own playlist to share with your family and friends.

Was your favorite Fourth of July song included in our list? If not, you can share it in the comments area!

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