How Did These Famous Classical Musicians Die?

by Monday, June 6, 2016

Most famous classical musicians came from the 18th and 19th century and among them are Ludwig van Beethoven and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. These composers wrote notable pieces that, up until now, are still being used and adored by many. However, did you ever wonder how these people lived their lives?

How Did These Famous Classical Musicians Die?

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How Did These Famous Classical Musicians Die?

You wouldn’t believe what some of these composers had to go through

It may be surprising to some but these musicians actually had to endure some physical or mental conditions during their tenure. Some of them were actually blind or deaf when these famous classical musicians wrote their masterpieces. However, that didn’t stop from living their lives and pursuing their passion.

Once you get into music, you’re in it for good. These musicians lived that out that even they didn’t exist anymore. Their work existed beyond their physical presence–it transcended through time are still being talked about now.

Read on to know these great and legendary musicians even more!

John Sebastian Bach

John Sebastian Bach | These Famous Classical Musicians Suffered From Mental And Physical Conditions

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Regarded as one of the greatest composers of all time, Bach suffered blindness during his tenure throughout the Baroque era. His health condition was the main reason why the he passed away. During the last years of his life, his sight slowly diminished. He had an eye surgery in hopes of fixing his sight but it caused him to die of apoplexy or stroke at the age of 65.

Bach was the composer of pieces such as Brandenburg Concertos and Mass in B minor.


George Gershwin

George Gershwin | These Famous Classical Musicians Suffered From Mental And Physical Conditions

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One of the most prominent classical musicians from the twentieth century, Gershwin, graced the world with his musical expertise in the field of classical music. Gershwin suffered from a brain tumor that eventually cost his life.

Dying at a young age of 38, the American composer and pianist started to complain about severe headaches and having olfactory abnormalities that got him to have blackouts during his performances. He was later rushed to the hospital and eventually got into a coma where the doctors discovered tumors on his brain. Everything was too late and the famous classical musician then died a few days after.

Composed the pieces Rhapsody in Blue and An American in Paris


Frédéric Chopin

Frédéric Chopin | These Famous Classical Musicians Suffered From Mental And Physical Conditions

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Chopin, who looked up to Mozart and Beethoven as his inspiration, is part of the list of the composers who died at a young age. After writing over 230 compositions during his lifetime Chopin suffered from tuberculosis at the young age of 39, where the sickness slowly took his life.

Some of his works include Minute Waltz and the Revolutionary Etude.


Ludwig van Beethoven

Ludwig van Beethoven | These Famous Classical Musicians Suffered From Mental And Physical Conditions

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One of the most notable composers in the list, Beethoven, reportedly died from complications of his liver due to his heavy consumption of alcohol. In addition to that, Beethoven was also noted to be deaf during his time. This condition slowly progressed that at the time he died, there have been reports that said his inner ear had been malformed.

His works influenced a lot of composers ever since. Some of his notable pieces are Symphony No. 9 and Fur Elise.


Robert Schumann

One of the most regarded composers during the Romantic era started as a pianist but later switched his focus to composing music after suffering from a broken hand. Schumann suffered from a lifelong mental disorder, which was triggered by depression. He then attempted suicide during the last years of his life before he was sent to a mental facility.

Some of his masterpieces include Traumerei and Piano Concerto in A minor.


Anton Bruckner

Anton Bruckner | These Famous Classical Musicians Suffered From Mental And Physical Conditions

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Bruckner suffered from an obsessive-compulsive disorder. The Austrian composer was tagged to have numeromania, which got him to count things constantly.

Some of his notable works include Symphony No. 4 “Romantic” and Symphony No. 9 in D minor.


Hear what these famous classical musicians made by watching the video below:

After learning a little bit about the lives of these incredible and famous classical musicians, it is time to load up your playlist and enjoy the majestic pieces they have done that is now part of history.

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